Advanced Technology Introduction

Variable message sign

Intelligent and Efficient VMS

  • Chainzone Technology Co., Ltd. is a certified manufacturer of variable traffic signs in accordance with the STN EN 12 966 standard.
  • All displeys provide clear visibility, high energy efficienty and excellent LED brightness.
  • The unique design of the optical lens can maximize the efficient illumination of LED lights at an improved beam angle.
  • A wide range of VMS can be adapted to different project requirements.
Intelligent and Efficient VMS

Low Reflection Design

  • The surface of the VMS has a unique matt rough design that ensures a diffuse reflection of sunlight, thereby reducing the reflection of brightness from the front surface of the market system.
  • Thanks to the matt rough surface and external light absorption on the lens, the VMS brightness ratio can reach up to 20:1 in a white color and under external lighting at 40,000 lx.
  • The optical lens is designed to absorb light that reduces the the reflection of external light on the lens so that the brightness of the VMS can be reduced.
Low Reflection Design


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