Who we are

The key area is transportation; BETAMONT has a very strong background and knowledge base in this area. The company’s research and development (R&D) activities are thematically focused on intelligent transportation systems for both roads and railway.

The development of a specific product does not end with its introduction to the market; efforts continue for its improvement and broadening of its functionality with regards to current market requirements or specific implementation projects.
Our R&D team is currently working on improving the automatic identifiers recognition of not only a road but also a railway vehicle, visual diagnostics in the railway tracks environment to prevent accidents or deterioration of the infrastructure (the condition of a pantograph, monitoring of a loading gauge, …), non-invasive detection of vehicles with high-precision classification, a system of dynamic weighing of a railway vehicle, a wireless detector as an alternative to the currently used inductive loops, development of weight sensors as an alternative to currently used piezoelectric sensors.

What we are doing

The Company also actively participates in R&D projects financed from the European Union structural funds. Back in 2010, it received a non-repayable grant for a project titled “New methods of measuring the physical dynamic parameters and interactions of motor vehicles, traffic flow and roadway” for a total of 6 years. The objective of this project was to conduct research into physical and transportation parameters of motor vehicles in motion and to find new methods for road infrastructure measuring and management. As part of this project, an effective partnership with academia was formed, namely with Žilina University in Žilina, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Control and Information Systems, which is active and thriving to this day. In 2012, the Company received another non-repayable grant for a project titled “Research Center for Transport Telematics Systems” for more than 3 years. The objective of this project was the funding and development of a telematics systems research centre for applied research in this area. This project boosted our partnership with the Žilina University and created a new partnership with the Technical University in Zvolen

What have we accomplished

  • Delivery and installation of a monitoring system for 8 stations on the roads in Kazakhstan
  • MiM® Systems installs and delivers weight in motion
  • Implementation of traffic monitoring system, including camera system with ANPR
  • Designing, installing and delivering the system for free flow weighing in two highway tracks
  • Modernization of the motorway information system
  • Implementation of information systems for motorways, construction works and technological part
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