20 May 2021

On the days of 20th and 28th May 2021, the representatives of Betamont Ltd. (Ondrej Maciak, Róbert Rothbauer, Rastislav Babica) took part in the International Motor Rally (MMR) in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran under the name Autoprobeg 2021. Autoprobeg 2021 Following for Previous Successful Motor driving venues of the CIS countries, and in Slovakia was also arranged in Slovakia under the auspices of the Minister of Transport, Árpáda Árseka.V within the MMR participants and the MMR participants also participated in the conference focused on the design, construction and operation of the motorways, the development of road infrastructure with the participation of ministers, leading road organizations, members of MSD, scientists and experts in the field of road communities.

At the conferences in Buchar presented our company Ing. Ondrej Maciak (company manager) presentation of the Measure-In-Motion® modular platform.

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