various applications of the solution

Tolling System

is fully integrated from end to end and enables clients to implement the solution risk-free in a short period of time.

Weigh-in-Motion for Direct Enforcement

increases road-safety and protects against premature infrastructure degradation due to heavy commercial vehicle overloads.

Traffic Insights

provides real-time or historical short-time and long-time traffic statistics for better understanding of traffic flow and better investment and maintenance planning.

Smart Traffic

is optimization of traffic flows in terms of trip-time and safety.

Traffic Management

the command-control and signaling system, top-down management perspective that integrates technology primarily to improve the flow of vehicle traffic and improve safety.

Rail-way Checkpoint

is an all-in-one solution for rail-track vehicle diagnostics.

Significant Input to Road Tunnel Control System

traffic prediction due to increased safety risk in enclosed area, traffic calming before entering the road tunnel area.

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